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Carbon Copy

Carbon Copy is an advanced backup tool allowing for a selection of directories to be recursively backed up. It can operate in two modes: carbon copy mode and incremental backup mode. The difference is that in carbon copy mode, files and folders at the backup destination that do not exist at the source will be removed (so the backup destination will look exactly like the source), whereas in incremental backup mode they will not be removed, so the destination may contain some extra files and folders.

To back up, simply select the directories to be backed up and the destination directory to backup to. Change the backup details and output verbosity if desired, then click "Start backup". The selected directories and all their subdirectories will be backed up to the destination location. The backup copies will maintain the source files' filesystem attributes and created/last modified date/time values.

Backup configurations can also be saved and loaded using the Save/Load buttons. The backup config will be saved to and loaded from a custom format XML file storing all the backup information.

Carbon Copy can be run in interactive mode (the default) or batch mode, useful for regular backups executed using a task scheduler. In order to run in interactive mode, you'll need to first save the backup configuration you want to run in batch mode using the "Save" button. Once this is done, pass the path of the saved XML config to Carbon Copy as a commandline parameter:

CarbCopy.exe "path\to\saved\configuration.xml"

Carbon Copy is distributed under the GNU General Public License, V2.

Download Carbon Copy | Github repo